NCASS provides the highest level of training for all industries and sectors, whether you work in Education, for your local Council, in Healthcare, or for a non for profit organisations.  Our food hygiene training courses can help staff members dealing with food, as well as business owners of all age to extend their knowledge and gain further experience within the catering industry.

We can also offer food hygiene courses in bite-sized chunks using CourseSmart technology, to make them even easier to digest as well as fun and rapid to complete. We continuously strive to update our training methods so that all our clients can become quickly certified when they need to, on only a few hours.

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Our Level 1 Food Hygiene Course is the basic food hygiene qualification that all employees working within the catering industry should complete, ideal for temporary and part time staff that do not directly handle food yet working in environments where food is being served or prepared under supervision.

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The Level 2 Food Hygiene course is ideal for anyone preparing or handling open food. NCASS can offer you the possibility to break down the Food Hygiene Level 2 course according to your needs and time constraints, to ensure the course is easily incorporable into current working patterns and hours.

Our level 2 course provides all the information essential to safe food practice and correct food preparation, including topics such as food poisoning, pest control, health & safety risk assessment, to provide employees with an advanced knowledge of food safety to the nationally-required safety level.

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The Level 3 Food Hygiene training course is specifically designed for catering business owners and supervisors dealing with and preparing food on a daily basis.

Within the course, topics such as food poisoning, temperature control, micro-biology, cross contamination, food storage, and personal health & hygiene in depth, enabling you to acquire an extensive knowledge about food hygiene principles.

Upon completion of the online training course, trainees will be able to comfortably demonstrate an in depth knowledge of supervisory management, safety practices and legislation.

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Why choose NCASS food hygiene training courses?

NCASS are the industry leaders in Food Hygiene Training Courses for Mobile Caterers, so rest assured that you are in safe hands, and will benefit from our successful online training methods.

If you wish to take your food hygiene training one step further whilst also enjoying many more benefits, make sure to become a premium training member.

For more information about our food hygiene training courses or to discuss your needs and requirements further, get in touch with a member of our team today!

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