Food Hygiene Training Courses for Sports Clubs

Catering is a big part of daily sports club operations. From staff to players to visitors, there are many people who find themselves eating at sports clubs so it is important that kitchen staff are correctly trained.

NCASS provide the highest level of food hygiene courses, ensuring that your sports club can continue to welcome and serve people in the confidence that your glowing reputation will remain well intact.

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How does our food hygiene training courses benefit the sports club industry?

Sports clubs are busy, bustling places that are heavily reliant on their food catering facilities. With frequent environmental health visits and hoards of visitors, food hygiene should be a top priority. With formal checks becoming more in-depth, and more frequent, there is no room for error.

WIth NCASS, all of your staff can achieve a Food Hygiene Level 2 certification, ensuring that they are fully aware and understanding of all important aspects of food hygiene.

Why use NCASS for your Food Hygiene Training?

NCASS are the leading providers of food hygiene courses, ensuring that all catering professionals can confidently provide a great, safe service.

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