Food Hygiene Training Course for Non-Profit Organisations

Within the non-profit and charity sector, every moment counts. Which is why we aim to take care of at least one thing for you – your food hygiene & safety knowledge and training.

Our food hygiene training courses are the best around, and we take pride in being able to educate those within catering-focused roles to the highest level, from food hygiene level 1 to level 2 and level 3 food hygiene courses .

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How would our food hygiene courses benefit your non-profit organisation?

NCASS are the industry leaders when it comes to food hygiene training courses. So you can rest assured that our training would provide you with all you need to know when it comes to safely preparing and serving food.

It’s this confidence that allows you to focus on other parts of your organisation, particularly in such an important sector. Our courses have no time or device restrictions, so can be completed without needing to eat into your regular working hours. You can also benefit from significant savings when purchasing for groups of people. Creating a beneficial hassle-free system.

Why choose NCASS for your food hygiene training ?

NCASS are the industry leaders, and the best place to turn if you don’t want to take any chances. Having previously worked with GreenPeace, we are a trusted source of knowledge within the third sector and will work with you to craft a well-rounded understanding of your needs.

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