Food Hygiene Training for Events Organisers

NCASS can provide the highest level of training for event organisers and event management companies, ensuring all employees and catering staff get the adequate food hygiene training. Our food hygiene training courses can help event organisers and employees handling food to excel in their knowledge and experience with catering, ensuring their clients and guests get the best services possible.

NCASS provides the highest level of food hygiene training, to ensure you continue to run your events welcoming and catering for guests in the confidence that your glowing reputation will remain intact.

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What do our food hygiene training courses cover?

The NCASS Food Hygiene Level 2 course can provide all organisers and event waiters with relevant information about safe food practice and food preparation, to make sure clients and guest leave fully satisfied and with a guarantee of quality.

Health and Safety Training Courses

NCASS also offers health & safety training courses which are ideally complementary to our food hygiene courses, ensuring at least one person working in the kitchens during events or handling food is adequately trained, from better awareness of potential health and safety incidents to minor accidents and hazard of fire training requirements.

What is special about NCASS food hygiene training for event organisers?

NCASS are the leading providers of the Food Hygiene Course for mobile caterers, so know that you are in safe hands and benefit from our successful methods.

Events organisers have an essential role to play in the planning and hosting of their parties, which is why training should not be taken lightly. At NCASS, we offer events planners & organisers both Level 1 and Level 2 Food Hygiene courses, enabling them to provide the best possible service to all their guests.

The Food Hygiene Level 1 is designed to educate those who are serving food, and level 2 is suited to those who are preparing food, leaving trainees fully certified and prepared to fulfill their roles to the highest standard.

With NCASS, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands and able to benefit from our successful methods. Our training courses can help event organisers and catering employees ensure food is prepared and handled up to national standards, ensuring all guests and clients are fully satisfied whether you are hosting:

  • Summer celebrations
  • Christmas parties
  • Award ceremonies
  • Charity Galas
  • Corporate dinners

Premium Training Membership accounts are free, and enable you to purchases courses in bulk by making a simple phone call.

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