Food hygiene training for the education industry

NCASS provide the highest level of training for teachers looking to train students. Our food hygiene training courses can help teachers and their students of all age groups to excel in their knowledge and experience within the catering industry.

These training courses are offered in bite-sized chunks with CourseSmart technology, making them easy for you to digest and fun to partake in – as well as being super-speedy to complete. Years of dedication have gone into crafting these training methods, so that your students can become happily certified in just a matter of hours.

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What does NCASS food hygiene training cover?

With NCASS the Food Hygiene Level 2 course can be broken down into a term’s worth of teaching, allowing it to be seamlessly incorporated into the current curriculum. This level 2 course provides students with relevant information about safe food practice and correct food preparation.

What is special about NCASS education food hygiene training?

Take it one step further and enjoy many more benefits, including:

– The ability to monitor the progress of each student while they are learning
– Easy access to course authorisation codes, so that your students can validate their courses online
– Simple transitions as year groups move up

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