Level 3 Food Hygiene Certificate

Food safety and hygiene training for owners, managers and supervisors

The NCASS Food Safety and Food Hygiene Level 3 training course has been created, inspected and accredited by experts. It’s the most respected online level 3 hygiene course a caterer can take, and it will show you how to manage food safety within your catering business. Triple-accreditation means that NCASS food hygiene and safety online training courses certainly pack a punch with EHOs, and that’s why you should train with us.

Ideal for food business owners, managers and supervisors, level 3 food hygiene training will prepare you to ensure your operations always adhere to industry standards and enable you and your team to excel in your understanding of food safety.

This level 3 food hygiene qualification will leave you fully informed on the potential hazards within a catering environment and in the know on how to tackle any issues that should arise. With an NCASS level 3 certificate, you will feel in control and confident about your role and its impact on the wider team.

Anyone working within a separate sector will be pleased to know that our training courses are not just for caterers too.

Accredited by City & Guilds
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Our Level 3 Food Hygiene course at a glance:

This online training course covers all you need to know about safely handling and serving food. When you train with NCASS you’ll enjoy:

Training in comfort (both the course and test are taken online)

A course that exceeds all UK and EU requirements

A qualification that’s accepted by all local authorities & EHOs

Mobile device compatibility

Triple-accreditation: City & Guilds, MK Council and NCASS

Laminated A4 hygiene certificate

Audio narration throughout

Auto-save feature plus no time limits

Together with content that complies with all legal regulations, these aspects of training with NCASS will make your experience better than with any other course provider.

Enjoy taking the course in your own time, and proudly hang up your triple-accredited certificate when you’re done!

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Inside our course…

Food Safety & Food Hygiene Level 3: What does it cover?

The Level 3 food hygiene course covers a range of topics, including:

Food Hygiene

Applying & Monitoring Best Practice

Waste Disposal, Cleaning & Disinfection

Food Poisoning

Temperature Control

Pest Control


Workplace & Equipment

Personal Hygiene of Staff

This certification will leave you fully informed of the potential hazards within a catering environment. You’ll know how to tackle any arising issues and you’ll feel in control and confident about your role and impact on the wider team.

Who’s this level 3 hygiene course for?

Level 3 food hygiene / safety training is the standard training level for business owners and supervisors.

Topics covered

Temperature control, food poisoning, microbiology, personal health & hygiene, cross contamination, food storage and more.

Aim of the course

To develop extensive knowledge of the principles of food hygiene and to equip supervisors and managers.

Assessment criteria

20 multiple choice questions on a 60 minute timer. The pass mark is 45/60 (75%). Remember, there’s no limit on re-takes.

Learning outcomes

Students will be able to demonstrate extensive knowledge of supervisory management, legislation and safety practices.

Course delivery method

The course is delivered online via our custom-built training system so you can pause and restart whenever you like.

Level 3 hygiene certificate

Upon completion of Food Hygiene Level 3 training you’ll receive a personalised and laminated A4 certificate.


These will help you remember the course content. There are too many pages to print so you’re best sticking to the online notes.

The most respected level 3 food hygiene training for caterers

  • Created by the Nationwide Caterers Association
  • Approved by City & Guilds
  • Assured by a Government Department
  • Accepted by Environmental Health Officers and Authorities

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