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Level 1 Food Hygiene
Level 2 Food Hygiene
Level 3 Food Hygiene Exstensive principles of Food Hygiene and Safety. The go to
course for managers and supervisors.
Health & Safety For Caterers Principles and practices for a safe catering business. Get a better
understanding of health and safety in a catering environment.
First Aid for Caterers Basic First Aid for dealing with minor incidents and learning
what to do until a professional arrives should the worst happen.
Fire Extinguisher Essentials Learn when and how to use the different fire extinguishers
types should you need to act fast...
Gas Safety Training This qualification will make you a 'Suitably Trained'
person for the catering industry...
HACCP Training for Caterers HACCP principles and how to use them in a catering business.
(Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points)
Sustainability Training for Caterers Learn how to make your food business more sustainable.
Available for fixed site and mobile catering business...