Assured Food Hygiene Training

Take your training seriously with the UK’s only Primary Authority assured Food Hygiene training for the catering industry.

Take the stress out of the technical side of your business. Make sure all of your staff are fully accredited and well-equipped to perform at the highest possible standard.

Hygiene training for your restaurant, takeaway or hospitality business.

For Chefs, Waiters, Waitresses, Bar Tenders, and Managers

Did you know that your staff are legally required to undergo food hygiene and safety training? You can easily take control of staff training with NCASS; the most dedicated providers to the catering industry. As the UK’s association for caterers, we work with environmental health officers, local authorities and many other influential partners to bring you the most accredited training there is, period. When you choose to train with NCASS you make a statement about the professionalism of your business. This training isn’t a box ticking exercise, and the people that matter know that.

Bulk buying, training progress management, supporting course notes and ‘learn-anywhere’ technology.

NCASS brought online hygiene training to the catering industry; our courses were the first available and to this day we’re still creating innovative systems for you to use. All courses are up to date, mobile compatible and even let you switch between devices without losing your progress.

Got a lot of trainees? We’ll save you time there.

There’s a bulk buying system inside the NCASS training dashboard that will make your life a lot easier. Simply purchase a set of courses, click a button to email the pre-paid training codes to your trainees and… Voilà. Just sit back and wait for the certificates to arrive. You can even save time by tracking your trainees’ progress along the way, and money with the discounts that are automatically applied on multiple purchases.

     Wondering why you should train with us?

icons_01 We’re not just another online training provider We’re the Nationwide Caterers Association. As such we ONLY deal with the catering industry. We’re not a jack of all trades.
icons_02 We work with…
Over 450 environmental health officers and more than 250 local authorities who know our trainees are the cream of the crop.
icons_03 You’ll get assured advice and guidance
Our Primary Authority partnership means our courses are actually inspected and signed off by a Government department. No other training provider can say that – and it packs a real punch.
icons_04 You’ll get a professional certificate included
You’ll receive a high quality, triple-accredited, laminated certificate
that’s made to last. Home-printed certificates just don’t cut it with us.


Level 1 Food Hygiene
An introduction for non-food handlers

Level 1 Food Hygiene Training

What is it? Basic principles of food hygiene for temp/part time staff who don’t handle food.

Price: £17.50 + VAT

Level 2 Food Hygiene
Basic requirements for food handlers

Principles of food hygiene and real day-to-day catering issues for open food handlers.

Price: £25.00 + VAT

Level 3 Food Hygiene
Required standard for owners & supervisors

Extensive principles of food hygiene and safety for owners, managers & supervisors.

Price: £125.00 + VAT

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