Food Hygiene Training for Pubs & Bars Owners and Staff

If you own a pub or bar or work in one, it is essential that you protect yourself as a business owner or general manager, looking after the welfare of the company you manage. Our food hygiene courses cover all areas of catering training so that you can feel reassured that you’re correctly covered.

Leading training provider for the mobile and fixed site catering industry, NCASS offers the highest level of food hygiene training for bar owners, managers and employees, helping them excel in their knowledge and experience within the catering industry, ensuring their clients only get the best service.

Working in a bar or pub, hygienic food handling and preparation is key to the quality of your service and establishment, which is why adequate food hygiene training should be a priority.

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What makes the NCASS food hygiene training for pubs & restaurants owner and employees different?

NCASS are the leading providers of the Food Hygiene courses for the catering industry, so that you can rest assured that your establishment is in safe hands and that your staff will benefit from our training methods.

Having worked with and among the catering industry for years, we completely understand your busy schedule and lack of free time. This is why our Food Hygiene and Safety courses have been designed to allow you to work around this, being concise and enabling you to stop and start as you go.

From our Food Hygiene Level 1 which is designed to educate those who are serving food, to our level 2 training course suited for those preparing and directly handling food and our Level 3 tailored for those in supervisory roles, all our food hygiene and safety training course leave trainees fully certified and confidently prepared to fulfill their roles to the highest standard.

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What do our food hygiene training courses cover?

NCASS offers 3 levels of food hygiene training, from basic information and awareness of food hygiene to advanced content for supervisory roles.

If you are buying food in and need to know correct procedures for accepting food from a supplier, our food hygiene level 2 and level 3 are designed to take you through this in great details.

Our Food Hygiene Level 1 training course is ideal for the front staff of pubs, bars or restaurants, involved in taking the food from the kitchen to the tables and/or serving drinks.

If you are a pub owner, or kitchen manager, you would require to take the level 3 course, or level 2 minimum.

The NCASS Food Hygiene Level 2 course can provide all employees and waiters with relevant information about safe food practice and correct food preparation, ensuring clients leave your establishment fully satisfied. Taking on average 2 to 3 hours to complete, making it easily fittable in and around working hours.

The Food Hygiene Level 3 course covers a total of 16 modules taking on average 12 to 14 hours, giving you an incredible value for your money, with content specifically tailored to cover your supervisory role.

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