Food Hygiene Certificate

We work with over 250 local authorities, over 450 Environmental Health Officers and with many other authorities on all aspects of the industry. As a result EHOs love to see our food hygiene certificates and choosing to train with The Nationwide Caterers Association sends a positive message about your professionalism.

We don’t cut corners, our training is not just a tick box exercise and you’ll receive a high quality laminated food hygiene certificate from us that contains a security hologram and a unique serial number that can be traced to your training portfolio.

food hygiene level 3

Level 3 Food Hygiene

Advanced course for Business Owners & Managers

The standard for business owners, managers and supervisors. Once you have completed the course you will have a thorough knowledge of all aspects of managing / supervising a food business and will be receive a Level 3 Food Hygiene certificate.

This is an Advanced course. It is strongly recommended that you first complete Level 2 Food Hygiene Training before advancing to Level 3.

Level 2 Food Hygiene

The most highly accredited online Level 2 Food Hygiene training

The basic requirement for all those working in the catering industry. The Level 2 Hygiene course trains you in issues faced by caterers on a daily basis. It is the requirement for those who handle open foods and is the recommended minimum level of training for anyone working in a catering environment.

Our most popular hygiene training course.

After taking our Level 2 Food Hygiene Course and earning your certificate you’ll know everything you need to know in order to work in a catering environment safely. This is a great starting point and makes Level 3 food hygiene easier to understand should you wish to progress.

food hygiene level 2
food hygiene level 1

Level 1 Food Hygiene

Food Hygiene Training.

An introduction to the basic principles of food hygiene, either to be used as a foundation for the Level 2 Food Hygiene course or for non food handlers who may come into occasional contact with food.

Our advice..
In 99% of cases it’s actually more beneficial and efficient to jump straight in to Level 2. Everything covered in the Level 1 hygiene training course is covered in Level 2 (plus more). It is overall a better certification to have and does not involve much more investment in time.

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