Online Training Courses

Right now, pretty much the two biggest trends in the foodservice industry are street food and sustainability. But if you haven’t broken into the street food scene yet, or your food business is more red than green, it can be hard to know how to make the most of street food and sustainability, and make money from them.

Taking these further courses from NCASS will give you an edge that your competitors and other start-ups just don’t have. They’ll help you to create a business that stands out to event organisers and customers, and earns you great profits while you have fun.

Whether you’re interested in strategies to make your business more sustainable with our accredited sustainability training or want to start up your own street food business, these triple-accredited courses will put you in the best position for success. Did you know our street food for start-ups course is available in five different languages too? Check it out!

Do you require special assistance with any of the training courses? Contact us to discuss the types of assistance we can offer.

Sustainability Training
Greener caterers can profit more

Sustainability training for caterers

What is it? How to save the planet by making your food business greener!
Who’s it for? Anyone who works in catering and wants to operate sustainable practices.
What topics are covered? Seasonal produce, sustainability policies, Fairtrade and much more…

Price: £100.00 + VAT

How to Start Up in Street Food
Getting into the business the right way

Street food training course

What is it? Everything you need to know to start up a street food business.
Who’s it for?
Anyone who wants to turn a street food idea into a successful business.
What topics are covered? Finance, marketing, legalities, equipment and much more…

Price: £60.00 + VAT

Level 1 Food Hygiene
Level 2 Food Hygiene
Level 3 Food Hygiene Exstensive principles of Food Hygiene and Safety. The go to
course for managers and supervisors.
Health & Safety For Caterers Principles and practices for a safe catering business. Get a better
understanding of health and safety in a catering environment.
First Aid for Caterers Basic First Aid for dealing with minor incidents and learning
what to do until a professional arrives should the worst happen.
Fire Extinguisher Essentials Learn when and how to use the different fire extinguishers
types should you need to act fast...
Gas Safety Training This qualification will make you a 'Suitably Trained'
person for the catering industry...
HACCP Training for Caterers HACCP principles and how to use them in a catering business.
(Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points)
Sustainability Training for Caterers Learn how to make your food business more sustainable.
Available for fixed site and mobile catering business...