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Food Hygiene Level 2 

The most highly accredited Food Safety / Food Hygiene Level 2 course available.

Food hygiene level 2. Online level 2 certificate

Want the industry’s best Food Hygiene Level 2 training qualification?

Our level 2 hygiene training at a glance:

  • Exceeds all UK and EU training requirements
  • Hygiene course & test are online
  • Laminated A4 certificate included
  • Audio narration throughout
  • No time limits
  • Course length: 2 – 3 hours
Online level 2 food hygiene training course and certificate. Triple accredited

Price Only: £25.00+ VAT

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This Food Hygiene Level 2 training is the right course for all food handlers in a catering business.

Created, inspected and accredited by experts and as such, it’s the most respected online level 2 course a caterer can take. NCASS qualifications certainly pack a punch with EHOs, and that’s why you should train with us.

Food hygiene level 2 demoFood hygiene level 2 test
Food hygiene level 2 courseFood hygiene level 2 course online
  • 97% of trainees rate the experience as good or excellent
  • 10% Discount on additional courses
  • Audited by a government body
  • Money back guarantee


Only: £25.00+ VAT
Including Certificate

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Course Details

Level 2 Food hygiene - who is it forWho’s This Course For?
All staff who prepare or handle open foods must have completed Level 2 Food Hygiene training within 3 months of starting work.

What's covered in our Level 2 Food hygiene courseTopics Covered
Food poisoning, cleaning, refuse, pest control, health & safety, safe food handling, food safety risk assessment and more.

Aims of our food hygiene level 2 courseAim Of Course
To develop knowledge of food hygiene principles and to train you or your staff to the nationally-required safety level.

assessment-criteriaAssessment Criteria
20 multiple choice questions on a 20 minute timer. The pass mark is 15/20 (75%). Remember, there’s no limit on re-takes.

What will the level 2 food hygiene course teach youLearning Outcomes
Once you’ve completed the course you’ll have advanced knowledge of food safety.

How is the hygiene course deliveredCourse Delivery Method
The course is delivered online via our custom-built training system.

Level 2 Hygiene CertificateLevel 2 Food Hygiene Certificate
Upon completion of Food Hygiene Level 2 training you’ll receive a personalised and laminated A4 certificate.

L2 hygiene coursenotesCoursenotes
These will help you remember the course content. There’s too many pages to print so you’re best sticking to the online notes.

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Proud to have trained…

we've delivered level 2 food hygiene courses to these businesses
The online training is another great tool for the catering and food businesses from NCASS. It is easy to use and the quality of the training delivered is excellent.”Helen Mcarthy. Commercial Director - Zouk Catering

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