Food hygiene training for healthcare and care homes

When you work in a care home you work with some of the most vulnerable people in our society. Sadly with old age and weakening immune systems, your residents are particularly susceptible to contracting food-related illnesses.

That’s why it’s absolutely crucial that all staff who handle food within your care home are appropriately trained. NCASS provide the highest level of food hygiene courses, to help your staff care for care home residents safely and consistently.

Food hygiene training in care homes: the stats

Did you know that recent research by Community Care found gaps in training in 71% of the care homes they surveyed? That’s a pretty terrifying stat. Check out the areas that were found most lacking in training in this graph.

Surprised and by the lack of food hygiene training? So were we. In an industry where clients are at higher risk of falling ill, not knowing how to handle food hygienically is particularly concerning.

Research also shows that residential homes with an “inadequate” inspection rating have the highest number of gaps in their staff training systems. Unison – the public service union – said that the findings highlight the “shocking lack of investment” in the care home system.

Why use NCASS for your food hygiene training?

  • Triple-accredited food hygiene courses, written by the UK’s only Primary Authority for caterers (these qualifications are always recognised and accepted by environmental health officers)
  • Option to bulk-buy training course places so you can manage all food hygiene training in one online hub
  • Ability to monitor all staff members’ training progress and levels
  • User-friendly interface to cut out any confusion during training
  • Online courses with stop-and-start function so staff can train at their own convenience
  • Unlimited retakes at no extra cost
  • Instant pass/fail notification (so no waiting around for results)

Training in care homes: what does the law say?

Government legislation is pretty clear on the training it expects all health and social care staff to undergo. The Health and Social Care Act 2008 states that anyone employed by the care service provider must:

  • Receive appropriate training to enable them to carry out the duties they are employed for
  • Be able to obtain higher qualifications wherever appropriate to their role
  • Be able to prove that they always meet professional standards

You can check out the regulation for yourself here.


“Providers need to think about how they can ensure the training they provide meets the needs of residents, is thorough and robust, and is not a one-off event.” Andrea Sutcliffe, chief inspector for social care at the Care Quality Commission

What are you doing about food hygiene training for your care home staff?

Have your staff undergone thorough and robust hygiene training? Are you monitoring your staff training, eliminating gaps and reducing the risk of residents contracting food-related illnesses?

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