Health & Safety Catering Courses

NCASS Health & Safety Training

Health and safety is always a major concern for caterers, and any owner, manager or supervisor of a food business. If health and safety isn’t second nature to you and your staff, accidents could well happen. That’s why we want to provide you and your team with expert industry resources. That way you can grow your catering business safely and responsibly, and look after your staff and customers at the same time.

From better awareness of potential health and safety incidents to how to minimize fire risks, NCASS offers training courses that are more than adequate for you and your catering staff. From our principles of health and safety within the workplace course – aimed at providing staff with an enhanced understanding of health & safety practices – to vital first aid training to ensure your catering staff are aware of first aid principles and practices, NCASS courses cover all topics essential to working in, managing and owning a food business.

NCASS Training also offer more specific courses, including the LPG gas safety training course for anyone involved in the handling and use of LPG, as well as essential HACCP training (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points).

Do you require special assistance with any of the training courses? Contact us to discuss the types of assistance we can offer.

Health and Safety Training
Principles and practices for a safe business

Health and safety training

What is it? Important principles and practices
Who’s it for? Anyone who needs an understanding of health and safety in catering
What topics are covered? Equipment, chemicals, manual handling and much more…

Price: £50.00 + VAT

First Aid Training
What to do until a professional arrives

First aid training for caterers

What is it? How to perform basic First Aid
Who’s it for? Catering staff who need to be able to react to minor incidents
What topics are covered? Burns, bleeding, choking and much more…

Price: £25.00 + VAT

Fire Extinguisher Essentials
How to tackle small fires with extinguishers

Fire extinguisher training

What is it? When to use each fire extinguisher Who’s it for? Anyone who needs to understand the different types of extinguisher
What topics are covered? Fire causes, extinguishers, installation and much more…

Price: £25.00 + VAT

LPG Gas Safety
Become ‘suitably trained’ in LPG

Gas safety training for caterers

What is it? Safe use of LPG – this course makes you ‘suitably trained’ for LPG use
Who’s it for? Anyone involved in the handling and use of LPG
What topics are covered? Ventilation, Gas Safe engineers, LPG hazards and much more…

Price: £80.00 + VAT

HACCP Training
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

Online HACCP training for caterers

What is it? HACCP principles and how to put them to use (HACCP is a legal requirement)
Who’s it for? Anyone operating a food safety management system
What topics are covered? Risk analysis, CCPs, corrective actions and much more…

Price: £50.00 + VAT

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Certificates (printed verisons) can only be sent to candidates within the EU.

PDF (online) versions of your certificate can be sent via email to candidates outside the EU.