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Food Hygiene Regulations

Sometimes it can be tricky to know where to start, so we’ve made life easier for you.

Use the guidance below to work out which courses you and your staff are legally required to complete. And which courses just make good sense to do.

Give these descriptions a quick read to help you use the course selector…

non food handler

Non food handlers are the ones who (you guessed it) don’t come into direct contact with open foods. We’re talking waitresses and bar staff.

food handlerFood handlers are the people who come into contact with the food. That’s anyone involved in production, cooking or preparation, like chefs.

owner managerThat’s anyone who owns or manages a business where food is produced, cooked or prepared to be eaten.

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NCASS Training Courses

This course at a glance:

  • They Exceed all UK and EU requirements
  • They’re Mobile device compatible
  • No time limits +a smart auto-save system
  • Course delivery and tests are both online
  • Laminated A4 certificates included

who-is-this-forWho are NCASS Courses For?
Our courses have been designed specifically for the catering industry. If you’re a caterer or work with food, they’re for you.

topics-coveredTopics Covered
Each one of our courses has been written and planned by experts. They’re triple accredited – so they’re guaranteed to deliver the right content.

aim-of-courseAim Of Our Courses
To develop extensive knowledge of the principles of food hygiene, safety and general improvement for the catering industry.

assessment-criteriaAssessment Criteria
After completing each course the final tests are all done online. You’ll be asked a series of multiple choice questions. Remember, test retakes are FREE.

leaving-outcomesLearning Outcomes
Students will be able to demonstrate extensive knowledge of the subjects covered after taking one of our courses.

courses-delivery-methodCourse Delivery Method
All courses are delivered online via our custom-built training system.

Upon completion of your course you’ll receive a personalised, laminated A4 certificate right to your door.

These will help you remember the course content. There’s too many pages to print so you’re best sticking to the online notes.