Why is Food Hygiene & Safety Important: A look at the Mohammad Zaman case

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Just last month, restaurant owner Mohammad Zaman was charged with manslaughter, and ordered to serve six years in prison after one of his customers died. 38 year old Paul Wilson suffered an anaphylactic shock after eating food that had traces of nuts in at one of Mr Zaman’s restaurants – after he had been assured there were no nuts present.

Ultimately, Mohammad Zaman was found guilty of 6 food safety offences, and the fatal oversight also made headlines across the country. As the owner of 6 restaurants across York and North Yorkshire, there is no doubt that Mr Zaman should have known what he was doing – so where did it all go wrong?

Profit Before Food Safety

The crux of this case is quite simply, that nuts were included where they categorically should not have been. The reason for this was revealed to be that the restaurant in question was using a cheaper alternative – swapping almond powder for a groundnut variety. To not realise the implications of this substitute shows a complete lack of understanding when it comes to customers health and wellness.

Poor Food Hygiene Training

As well as the poor decision to substitute this key ingredient, a total lack of professionalism becomes apparent. Restaurant staff assured Mr Wilson that his meal would not contain nuts. Their lack of food and ingredients knowledge here flags up an inadequate level of training, something that ultimately and evidently Mr Zaman is responsible for.

Negligence of Customer Safety

It has also been reported that Mr Zaman was warned about the nut content in the substance he was using – a teenager had previously been taken ill at another of his restaurants with an allergic reaction. Whether for financial reasons or simply a case a negligence, his failure to rectify any concerns has led to him losing everything.

It’s Time to take Food Safety Training Seriously

Anyone who is serious about their business, should also be serious about the food hygiene and safety training of their staff, as well as themselves. More importantly, as this case shows, is the serious matter of public safety.

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