How will your business benefit from Food Hygiene Training?

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A high standard of food hygiene training is essential for any business that handles, makes or sells food products. If you do not ensure that every member of staff has an impeccable knowledge of health, safety and hygiene standards, you could find yourself getting a zero food hygiene rating from your Environmental Health Officer (EHO) which will hurt your business.

Irreprochable food hygiene relies controlling harmful bacteria that has potential to cause serious illness to others. From coursed for staff handling and preparing food such as the Level 2 food hygiene training, to courses for managers and business owners such as the Level 3 food hygiene training, good food hygiene knowledge also depends on environmental factors such as LPG Gas Safety and Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) covered in our Health & Safety training courses. Whether your food business is a Takeaway Restaurant, Street Food or Fish and Chip Shop, food hygiene training amongst your team is non-negotiable.

However, owning and managing a food business is a role that comes with numerous responsibilities, and keeping up to date with the relevant training can be challenging. This is where online food hygiene training comes in.

  1. Online training is a cost effective, greener way to train and educate your staff on issues that matter.
  2. It is an alternative pedagogy to the traditional classroom based learning and does not require as much organisation as face to face training does.
  3. In addition, it also gives you the option to stop and go, to match your busy schedule.

The Benefits of Online Food Hygiene Training

Managing and monitoring your staff’s progress

NCASS’s Online Training Dashboard allows you to seamlessly track every individual staff member’s progress, enabling you to see the level they are at and the modules they are yet to complete. With all of this information under one database, there is no need for outdated and unorganised files and you are able to keep up to date with the level of food hygiene training your team needs.

It is environmentally friendly and cost effective

Traditional classroom based training often incurs a lot of costs, as trainers cost money, alongside room rentals, employee commutation and much more. Online training is more often that not a one time charge and can be used repeatedly, with no extra charge. NCASS also offers an automatic discount when bulk buying training schemes, which saves even more money. As online training relies on an electronic format, there is a substantial reduction in paper based learning, therefore helping to save the environment.

Everything is in one place

With NCASS’s brand new dashboard, you’ll find everything regarding your business’ training in one place. This digital format means there is no need to purchase stationery such as a filing system, pens and paper, or find a space to file it. Alongside this, your purchase history and course codes can be sent out to your employees consistently, removing another responsibility from your hectic schedule.

NCASS has been training, developing and supporting the mobile catering industry since 1987. For more information about food hygiene training do not hesitate to call 0121 603 2524 or get in touch.

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