Why do your Food Hygiene Training with NCASS: 8 reasons.

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Umm-ing and ahh-ing about which caterer food hygiene training courses to take? Here’s some simple facts to help you make your mind up and choose the right ones for you and your catering business & employees (yeah ok, they’re all about NCASS, but you’ll soon see why…).


1.   NCASS training course certificates make you look good.

    • Your online food hygiene training courses are triple-accredited, by City & Guilds, Cherwell District Council and, of course, by the Nationwide Caterers Association.


2.   NCASS training courses provide a superior learning experience.

    • Recent updates to NCASS online food hygiene training courses mean that they’re better quality than ever, including incredible usability and funky graphics (trust us, that can sometimes get you through the most gruelling aspects of food hygiene…).


3.   Investing in training increases staff retention.

    • Statistics show that staff are more likely to stay with employers who have invested in them through training. So show your employees you care about their future by helping them achieve top notch training qualifications.


4.   You can stop and start your training course as you go.

    • With the handy stop-and-start function on all NCASS Training courses you can pick up exactly where you left off. That means you don’t have to begin again every time you want a cup of tea, and you can even spread your online training course over as many evenings or weekends as you need.


5.   Knowledge will help you grow your catering business.

    • Event Organisers are more likely to hire traders and caterers with a higher number of training certificates. That means more work and more earnings for your business.


6.   Improve your food hygiene score.

    • Did you know that traders and caterers with a higher number of training certificates are more likely to receive a level 4 or 5 food hygiene rating from EHOs? You can rest assured that EHOs will always recognise our triple-accredited training qualifications during your food hygiene inspections.


7.   Complete your online training on the go with NCASS.

    • All of our online food hygiene training courses are fully compatible with mobile and desktop devices.


8.   Your training fee helps people in need.

    • 5% of every NCASS training course sale is donated to charities that provide education and training to people in need in Africa and Eastern Europe. When you do your food hygiene training with NCASS, you choose to help others who can’t afford to train themselves.


Increase your profits to grow your catering business and feel great about your training qualifications with NCASS Training qualifications. You’ll find a handy list of the courses we offer here.

Not sure about which course would benefit your catering business’ employees most? Get in touch with a member of our team!

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