5 reasons why you should do your food hygiene training course

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How do you feel about control? Do you like to decide what you do with your own time? Or do you prefer sticking to someone else’s timetable? I know which I prefer.

If you’re reading this you’ve (hopefully…) realised that you and/or your staff need to undergo some serious food hygiene training. But what you might be wondering is whether or not you should do the hygiene training course online, or get a nice lady or gent to come and provide training to you and/or your team in the workplace.

First things first: it’s absolutely your choice.

Some people prefer the hands on approach they get with an onsite training provider or college course and that’s fine.

However, working within the catering industry for years, we have found that our trainees have never regretted completing their course online, whether it was a health & safety training course, food hygiene or another course.

Let me point out a few of the advantages of online training courses before you go making any decisions…

The Benefits of Doing an Online Food Hygiene Training Course

1. You train at your own pace

With most online training courses you’ll find that there’s a handy ‘stop and start’ function so you can pause your training whenever you want a break, or even spread it over your working weeknights. Online food hygiene training is a much more flexible way to enhance your knowledge and get qualified quicker.

2. It’s cheaper

Using an online training provider is generally cheaper than taking a college course or hosting an onsite training day. Plus, with online training, the cost of the actual qualification and certificate is actually included in the price – you won’t always find that with onsite training.

3. You get more peace of mind

When you’re looking for training courses online, it’s easy to see whether or not they have been City and Guilds accredited. Some companies offer training and certificates that aren’t rigorous enough and which EHOs don’t always accept.

NCASS Training courses have actually been accredited by City and Guilds and NCASS’s Primary Authority partners, Cherwell District Council.

As such they’re the most highly accredited and reputed online food hygiene training courses available in the catering industry.

4. It’s super-duper simple

With digital capabilities at the level they are now, online training providers have the opportunity to create training that’s incredibly accessible, simple to use and even attractive to look at (who’d have thought it?).

5. You’ll save staff resources

If you’ve got staff to train, the online training options available to you mean that you don’t need to take a day out of their schedule to get them qualified. You can ask your staff to complete food hygiene training online in their own time (and could always recap on what they’ve learnt during a day shift).

If you are now convinced of the benefits of completing your course online, but are still unsure of which online food hygiene training course you should do, have a look at our online course finder!

You can also find out more about training online with NCASS and get in touch with a member of our team to further discuss your needs or requirements.

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